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Attorney At law

Attorney At law

Mark  A. Thompson is a lawyer who represents individuals and businesses in  litigation.


Mark  A. Thompson is a lawyer who represents individuals and businesses in  litigation.

Mr. Thompson specializes  in handling disputes against governments, especially real estate tax  appeals, condemnations, tax sale matters, and lien disputes.  ​His  most recent success was in the Georgia Supreme Court in overturning the  case law regarding tax sales and ending the so called "super lien" on  excess funds. This means that property owners and their lenders will be  able to receive the equity, or excess funds, from tax sales. DLT LIST,  LLC et al. v. M7VEN SUPPORTIVE HOUSING & DEVELOPMENT GROUP Case  Number: S16G0646

Mr.  Thompson has represented banks, businesses, individuals, and  governmental interests in litigation, real estate transactions, and  advisory services. He offers a wide breadth of knowledge, as he is  experienced in handling bankruptcy cases, real estate litigation, civil  rights actions, and personal injury cases. 

Mr.  Thompson is adept at handling claims involving local governments.  Having worked for a local county, he has insights that are advantageous  to his nongovernmental clients. He previously represented the general  interests of the county, as well as representing the tax commissioner,  tax assessor, police chief, sheriff, to name a few. 


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